A beautiful day in Sochi

Today I would love to share with you guys this look that I shot in Sochi Russia while visiting my family. This is a very beautiful resort city on the black city. I believe you most probably heard about this city because 2014 Winter Olympics were held in Sochi.

This look was picked out as the option for a day long outdoors time with my family.  I chose this stylish silver skirt and combined with this beautiful white top. As for accessories I wore a wide silver bracelet and a  crystal necklaces. It was a very hot day so I decide it to put part of my hair up and it helped me to  carry on during a hot July summer day and plus it gave  me the look that I really like.

I think it is very important to dress the way you feel.  I love this outfit for simplicity and versatility and I think that this outfit shows very well the way I feel, “happiness and sunshine” in my heart.

Enjoy the images 🙂


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