Special occasion outfit idea: Red dress with silver accessories

Jennifer Kaya fashionlogger, red dress with red JK Wallet

Hello everyone & happy Wednesday!

For today’s post I put together this absolutely stunning look, that can be a great choice for a special occasion. For example, it could be a perfect choice for a day like today when all Canadians celebrate Canada day!

Happy Canada day !!! 🙂

To create this beautiful look you will need a red dress as the main item with gorgeous silver statement necklace. As for the accessories you can use elegant silver high heels with silver leather belt and matching color of the dress slim and stylish red JK wallet. To complete this look don’t forget light touch of the red lipstick and voila you dress to impress 🙂

Love this look so beautiful, easy to put together, chic!

Sorry guys for not writing for a while but those of you who following me for a while know that lately I was working on my project Slim & Stylish JK wallet that kept me very busy.

I’m very happy with the results of hard work of reasearch and development of the next generation minimalist wallet and would like to announce that JK wallet coming to Kickstarter In September. Please support pre launch of JK wallet on Kickstarter and get a chance to win your custom-made JK wallet. Only with your support JK wallet can succeed!

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Thank you for reading my blog!

🙂 Be happy and look fabulous 🙂

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