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What’s in my bag

Hope you enjoyed my video: ” What’s in my bag / Jennifer Kaya Vlogger ” don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!  Thanks for watching! 🙂  Be happy & look fabulous 🙂 Wish you a wonderful week ahead! [showad block=1]


Good day everyone! After long time of  of research and development I’m happy to announce that JK wallet is live on Kickstarter and ready to become a part of the daily life of people who love minimalist style. Practicality of JK wallet combined with quality and style will be the best experience ever. I’m very […]

Girly Accessories: Pink Leather JK Wallet & More

Good day my beautiful friends! I hope you all having great week so far! I don’t know how is the weather where you are , but here in Montreal is extremely hot.  I’m not complaining about the weather as you guys know I love summer a lot. In today’s post I would like to share […]

Essential Accessories Urban Style

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! Hope you all having a great week so far. For today’s post I put together for you few essential accessories in urban style.

Spring Outfits

Good day everyone! Hope you all had a great week so far! Today I would like to step back and take a look at my favorite spring outfits 2015! Stylish Casual Outfit With The Biker Jacket